We are very excited to partner with Cleary University for the launch of the CSSC Program! We know that it will be extremely beneficial to the participating businesses & students. The goals behind this program are to give students the opportunity to grow their professional skills while learning, and to give our local business owners the chance to pass along their knowledge & experience to the next generation.

Program Outline:
Senior Students at Cleary University are being given the opportunity to sign up for the “Senior Professional Partnership Course”. This course will match a student (or students) with a local business and give them the opportunity to provide research  that will aide in helping to solve a current problem or issue for that business over the course of 6 weeks.

The Details:
Businesses must apply to be accepted into the program. We can only accept up to 5 businesses for the 2017 course, so applications must be submitted by December 16th, 2016. Student assignments will be given by January 9th, 2017. Each business is required to meet with the student(s) at a minimum –1 hour every 2 weeks over the course of 6 weeks.