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"Our Internal Truth Detectors" at Finding Roots

The Internal Truth Detectors class at Finding Roots will explore the many ways for us to tell if something is true or false, wrong or right for us; internal sway(ing), friction and non-friction of surfaces... These are just a few of the ways we can feel in our bodies the difference between a "yes" or "truth" and our "no" or "untruth"... Methods experienced as well as others available will be presented and we can all play ...with these to see what works best for us.

These methods can be used for helping find a good food or foods to avoid... same with supplements... decisions ("taking this job will make me happy")... people ("I can trust Mike in this issue")... It's not a way to tell the future, just ways to get in touch with our inner guidance.

These are all things we would normally know internally through our intuition, but that we have been trained NOT to pay attention to (from childhood we are told to shut our feelings down, and this -in turn- dampens our intuitive processes), and these techniques are ways in which we can reconnect with our intuition and validate that we are on the right track, trusting that "gut feeling", enabling us to lead healthier, more fulfilling lifestyles.

We will learn and practice strategies for accessing and listening to our (often hidden or suppressed) innate abilities.

Instructor: Suzy Sikora
Class Fee: $15 per person
Age Limit: 10 to adult
Class size limit: Minimum of 8, Maximum of 16
Class Date: February 11, 2017
Class Time: 2pm-4pm